Baby Sprinkle and White Chocolate Popcorn

Last Sunday my friend Lori and I threw a baby “sprinkle” for our friend Dana.  Dana already has a 2 year old little boy and this time around, it’s a GIRL! I absolutely cannot wait to spoil her. 🙂  Since this is her second baby and she obviously had a big shower the first time, Dana didn’t want us to make a big deal about it…but of course, we couldn’t resist the chance to throw a party!  It was so much fun to “sprinkle” her with girlie gifts and catch up with friends!


Two of my favorite parts were the ice cream “sprinkle bar” and the popcorn covered in white chocolate (and sprinkles…are you sensing a theme??).  Of course, both of my favs involved sweets….weird…





Having said that, I can’t end this post without giving you the recipe for the white chocolate popcorn!  It is beyond delicious.  There were literally only kernels left by the end of the party, so that’s always a good sign. 🙂  It’s also incredibly easy to make.  Annnnd equally as difficult to stop yourself from eating the entire batch in one sitting.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

White Chocolate Covered Popcorn


2 bags popcorn (I used Fat Free, so the butter wouldn’t make it taste funny)

1 pkg almond bark


Pop the popcorn, pour into a large container.  Melt the almond bark and pour over the popcorn, then fold/stir slowly until covered. You can add sprinkles in any color, to match the occasion!  I had this at my bridal shower, at other baby showers, and holiday parties and it’s always a hit!

*Make sure you melt the chocolate SLOWLY, otherwise it will burn.  I made my own double boiler by putting a little water in a sauce pan, bringing it to a boil and then put the chocolate in a smaller sauce pan and placed it in the water.  Another option is to put it in the microwave on low and stir it frequently.

File this one away for a good cheat day. 🙂


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