Cookie Extravaganza: Recipe #1

As I mentioned last week, I had an eventful Saturday planned- cookie baking with my mom and watching Mizzou play in the SEC Championship.  Although Mizzou didn’t win 🙁 I’m still so proud that we made it to the championship at all, after only 2 years in the conference.  We’ll get ’em next year, Tigers!

DSC01554For as long as I can remember, my mom has always made what seems like a million different kinds of cookies for Christmas.  Since my sister and I have since left the “nest”, we have made it what is now one of my favorite holiday traditions and spend a day or two baking cookies together, listening to Christmas music and chatting away.  Girl time + chocolate = perfection. 🙂

DSC01547For round 1 of the cookie baking extravaganza, we made chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate dipped Oreo balls, chocolate dipped “Reese’s” cookies, cut out sugar cookies and Magic Bars….and that’s only the beginning.  I will share the Oreo and Reese’s cookies soon, but today I wanted to give you the recipe for Magic Bars.  This recipe came from my great-grandmother and are are quite possibly my favorite out of everything we make. (I mean, if I absolutely HAVE to choose.)  If it isn’t obvious, I’ll be candid in saying these are not, in any way shape or form, healthy.  If you are going to treat yourself though, these are worth every calorie in my opinion. 😉  We did end up using organic condensed milk…so I think that justifies having two?

Magic BarsIngredients:

  • 3 cups (approx.) graham crackers, crushed
  • 1 stick butter
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups chopped pecans
  • 2 cups coconut
  • 2 cans sweetened condensed milk


Crush graham crackers and mix with melted butter and sugar.  Spread in the bottom of a greased 9×13 cake pan and pack it down with a fork.  Mix chocolate chips, pecans and coconut together and pour over the graham crackers.  Pour the condensed milk evenly over the pan.  Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes or until the milk starts to bubble and the edges start to turn brown.  Cut bars into desired size and enjoy every last morsel!

Stay tuned for more cookie recipes!

Have great week!

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  1. Charla Jones says:

    What a wonderful picture of you and your mother. I think she still looks the same as when she filled in in my classroom when I had to out for several months. That was many years ago. She was an absolute blessing to me. I think I will try these cookies! I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. This looks so fun girl! Christmas baking is definitely one of my very favorite holiday traditions. We always make frosted sugar cookies, an old fashioned Christmas ‘candy’ that my grandma always made and gingerbread.. Yum!

    I feel yah on the football! My beloved buckeyes lost in the Big 10 Championship! 🙁

    • Ugh, I know- we both had rough football weekends. 🙁 The frosted sugar cookies have been a staple for us, I still love them. Simple, yet delicious. 🙂

  3. That dessert looks delicious, and your mom is beautiful!! You two look so much alike, and that is a wonderful picture!

    • I know, sometimes we look so much alike it’s creepy…I’ll take it though because if I look like that when I’m her age I’ll be one lucky girl! 😉

  4. You are probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! I am so glad to stumble on your blog! Looks like a fabulous weekend, and I can’t wait to try out your Magic Bars!

  5. Yuuuummmm – they look delish. What a nice way to spend a day!
    PS. Your mom is just as beautiful as you!

  6. Sometimes you just gotta indulge! I did this weekend with an excessive amount of sugar cookies! And you and your mom are like twins! Stunning, both of you 🙂

  7. You are your mom are twins!! So adorable! I love this tradition, too. I really want to implement something similar this year. Perhaps with this recipe?! I’m drooling.

    • Thanks! I know, it’s slightly creepy at times. 🙂 You should definitely start this tradition! It’s an excuse to snack on chocolate all day and spend time together!

  8. What a great tradition you ladies have. I can’t even imagine another cookie recipe comparing to this one. It sounds divine… and one I need to keep out of my sight Ha Ha!

    p.s. you and your Mom are stunning!

  9. You and your mom are adorable! This is a great tradition, and these look yummy. I can’t wait for more yummy treats!


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