Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Hey there!  Today I’m linking up with Heather over at Housewife Glamour for another edition of Friday Favorites, but this time it’s the Workout Edition!  I decided I would share some of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted over the past 6 months or so.  After all of the cookies I’ve been posting about (and eating) lately…seriously, so many cookies… it’s probably time that I give you a few ways to burn them off! 🙂

Housewife Glamour

1. Cardio Ladder WorkoutA good way to keep your heart rate up, without a treadmill.

Cardio Ladder2. Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout3. Running/Strength Workout

Run4. Fab 5050 reps aren’t that much fun, but you only do it once for each exercise!

Fab 50 Workout

5. Burpee Bonanza! For real, so many burpees…

Burpee Ladder Workout6. 15 Minute Ab WorkoutI’ll usually add this to a cardio day.

15 Minute Abs7. Full Body Gym Workout

Full Body Workout8. Tabata- Upper Body/Core

Upper Body Tabata Workout9. Cardio RemixChanging up that cardio again!

Cardio Remix10. Legs/Lower Body WorkoutWho doesn’t want Carrie Underwood’s legs?!

Gorgeous Gams


Have a great weekend!

Trick-or-Treat Tabata

Happy Halloween!

Admittedly, last year Matt and I were scrooges and turned our light off on Halloween and didn’t give out candy…I know, I know, bah-humbug.  But this year, we decided to be the fun adults we are and I have a bag of candy ready to go!  I don’t remember seeing a lot of kids on our street last year, so hopefully it isn’t a Halloween fail and I’m not left with a bag of M&Ms and Skittles all to myself.

Speaking of….Since most of us tend to stuff our faces with candy around this time of year, it’s even more important to me that I am keeping up with my workouts to make sure I can still fit into my skinny jeans and boots (a fall staple for me). I did this tabata workout yesterday morning and was a little sore today, so I think it did the trick!  I wanted to share it with you all today, so you can feel free to have that extra Snickers bar, and now you have a reason not feel bad about it.  I also won’t judge you if you have the Snickers bar and don’t do the workout.  It happens. 🙂

Halloween Tabata

Girl with a Plan

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  I will be spending mine at the pool and going out to dinner for one of my college best friend/sorority sister’s (insert Valley girl voice here ;)) birthday.  I am really looking forward to seeing all of my girlfriends and catching up.  Although most of us live in the same city, we still don’t see each other as often as we would like because of that little thing called big-girl life seems to always get in the way!  Speaking of…if you have a group of girlfriends you can’t live without, you will relate to this post…and you will also most likely cry, but in a good way.  35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About My Girlfriends

As I set out for the gym this morning, I was determined to go with a plan in mind.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. There are many days when it is considered a success just to get my butt to the gym, but when I go in without a plan, I almost never end up getting the level of workout I could (or should).  It doesn’t take long to do, it’s just about taking a few extra minutes, maybe the night before, and writing down my plan of action.  Then, you don’t spend half of your time wandering around aimlessly, when you could be breaking a sweat!  Below is my workout for today, along with a little cardio.  One of my goals lately is to improve the muscle tone in my legs, so you may be seeing a lot more leg workouts in the near future!

Legs and Abs Circuit

Exercise Demonstrations & Links:

Sumo Squat to High Pull

Lateral Lunges with Knee Lift

DSC01081 DSC01083

Cross-back Lunges with Knee Lift

DSC01084 DSC01085

Kettlebell Swings

Walking Overhead Lunges– Walking lunges holding weight above your head, elbows straight.

Standing Side Crunches

DSC01087 DSC01089


DSC01090 DSC01091 DSC01092

Upper Russian Twist

Stability Ball Pullovers

DSC01093 DSC01094

Have a great weekend!

Full Body Circuit Workout

For those of you who don’t know me, I thoroughly despise going to the gym in the evenings, and would MUCH prefer getting my butt out of bed at 5am, if only to beat the after-work crowd.  Plus, I like the feeling of starting my day with a workout.  I feel more refreshed and it’s nice to get it over with, because usually the last thing I want to do when I leave work is go to the gym.  Couch and my DVR, yes please!

Anyway, I decided to accompany Matt to the gym after work the other day.  The ONE bonus of breaking my routine is that at least I get in a little more face time with my husband. 🙂  After a 10min warm-up on the stair climber, I completed the workout below.  Enjoy!

Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Man Maker

Step 1:  With weights in hand, squat down and jump legs back to plank position

DSC00828 DSC00824

Step 2:  Row one arm at a time

DSC00825 DSC00827

Step 3:  Jump legs back in and up to squat position, weights on shoulders


Step 4:  Thrust weights above head


Leg Lifts

Step 1:  Lay flat on the ground, abs pulled in and back flat against the floor.  You can place your hands under your hips for additional control.


Step 2:  Keeping your back against the floor, use your core to bring your legs up, perpendicular to the floor


Single Leg Squats

DSC00833 DSC00834

Upper Russian Twist

Step 1:  Start with shoulder blades on stability ball, arms straight above your body


Step 2:  Keeping your hips level, rotate your upper body to one side, then the other

DSC00836 DSC00837 DSC00838

Sumo Squat to High Pull

(I usually use a kettlebell for this exercise, but since I didn’t have one handy, I used a dumbbell)

Step 1:  Start with your feet wider than your hips, toes turned out

Step 2: Squat and bring the weight up to chest level as you stand

DSC00839 DSC00840

180 Burpees

Step 1:  Start in a squat position


Step 2:  Jump and do a 180 degree turn, landing again in a squat position

DSC00844 DSC00845

Step 3:  Place your hands on the floor and jump your legs back into a straight arm plank position


Step 4:  Come back up to a squat position, then repeat

DSC00847 DSC00848

Up Down Planks (Plank Push-Ups)

Step 1:  Start on your elbows in plank position


Step 2:  Push up, one hand at a time, until you are in straight arm plank position

DSC00850 DSC00851

Step 3: Return to starting position, one arm at a time

DSC00852 DSC00853

Hand Release Push Ups

Standard push-up, but bring chest all the way to the ground, bring hands off the ground and then push up to starting position