Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Hey there!  Today I’m linking up with Heather over at Housewife Glamour for another edition of Friday Favorites, but this time it’s the Workout Edition!  I decided I would share some of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted over the past 6 months or so.  After all of the cookies I’ve been posting about (and eating) lately…seriously, so many cookies… it’s probably time that I give you a few ways to burn them off! 🙂

Housewife Glamour

1. Cardio Ladder WorkoutA good way to keep your heart rate up, without a treadmill.

Cardio Ladder2. Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout3. Running/Strength Workout

Run4. Fab 5050 reps aren’t that much fun, but you only do it once for each exercise!

Fab 50 Workout

5. Burpee Bonanza! For real, so many burpees…

Burpee Ladder Workout6. 15 Minute Ab WorkoutI’ll usually add this to a cardio day.

15 Minute Abs7. Full Body Gym Workout

Full Body Workout8. Tabata- Upper Body/Core

Upper Body Tabata Workout9. Cardio RemixChanging up that cardio again!

Cardio Remix10. Legs/Lower Body WorkoutWho doesn’t want Carrie Underwood’s legs?!

Gorgeous Gams


Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites Link Up #1

Recently, Heather, over at Housewife Glamour, started a Friday Favorites link up where bloggers can share some of their favorite things.  I’ve seen so many of these “Friday Favorites”, “Things I’m Loving Lately”, etc posts out there, so I’m glad she started this!  Sometimes it’s nice to change things up from the usual recipe/workout focused post.  Happy Friday!

Housewife Glamour

1. Foam Roller


Dear foam roller, thank you for changing my life…no really, thank you.  This thing is my saving grace for sore muscles and when I’m nursing an injury.  It seriously hurts so good.  Here are a few good go-to exercises:

Foam_Roller_Exercises2. Marilyn

No, I did not name my teasing brush, she came with that name, ok?  But yes, she is a trusted friend. Although it looks a little worse for wear, this brush has seen me through many football games and nights out on the town…ok fine, every day of my life there’s a little tease in my hair.

DSC01455This is the only brush I’ve used that gives me the poof I’m looking for and keeps it in place.  Admittedly, sometimes I take it to the extreme but go big or go home, right?!  Little girls like to ask me if I wear a bump-it.  I take that as a compliment, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

3. Bodycology lotion

Bath and Body Works body lotion is really the only lotion I’ve used for a long time.  Nothing against other lotions out there, my mom just always stocks me up at Christmas so I’m good to go for a while. 🙂 Recently, I was in need of a re-up and didn’t feel like making a trip to the mall, nor did I want to spend $12.50 on lotion.  While at Target, I spotted this Bodycology lotion and discovered it is very similar to B&BW.  Some of the scents are almost the same too, and at a fraction of the cost!  (I think $3.50, to be exact?)


4. Salmon stir-fry

Stir-fry really couldn’t be easier to make, especially when you use a bagged veggie mix like I do. 😉  Lately I’ve been switching out my usual chicken for salmon and both Matt and I are loving it!


5. Friday couch potato night

The second Matt and I wake up on Monday, it seems like the first words we utter (after “Good Morning”) are “Man, I can’t wait until Friday”.  Lately, our Friday nights have consisted of N.O.T.H.I.N.G. and it is glooorious.  I truly look forward to having a night free and spending it on the couch watching one of our favorite shows or a new movie and getting to bed at a decent time so I can be productive on Saturday….dang, I sound old.  It’s ok if you judge me.

6. Popcorn (the real stuff) on said couch potato night

I know in a previous “favorites” post, I mentioned I loved Skinny Pop but I also can’t deny my obsession with the real deal.  Buttery, salty popcorn.  I’m a sucker for popcorn and a movie on a Friday night with the hubs.  Sometimes you just gotta go for it!

DSC01462Yep, Movie Theater Butter.  Hey, it says it’s 100% Whole Grain…?! 😉

7. Bar Method DVD

I was supposed to go to a Barre class with a friend last Sunday and when she had to cancel at the last minute I still had my heart set on it.  I remembered I had this workout DVD from the Bar Method that I hadn’t even cracked the seal on so I thought it would be a good day to give it a try, honestly not really expecting much.  Holy Moly was I sore after this workout.  It wasn’t a high intensity workout and I didn’t break too much of a sweat but boy, were my legs and butt burning by the end AND the day after!  I will definitely be putting this DVD too good use, especially when winter hits and I’m too big of a baby to leave the house to go to the gym. 🙂



There you have it, my first Friday Favorites link up with many more to come, I’m sure! 🙂