Ladder Workout and Whole30 Snack

Sometimes when I go to the gym, all I want to do is put my brain on auto-pilot and get in and get out.  A good workout doesn’t always have to be multiple rounds of multiple reps and…wait am I on round 3 or round 4? Was this exercise supposed to be 30 seconds or 1 minute?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, intense workout but sometimes it’s nice to put together a short and sweet plan and get ‘er done.

Here’s a ladder workout that requires little to no equipment.  This can easily be done at home, just use a (sturdy!) chair for the box jumps and warm up by doing high knees, running your stairs, “fake” jump roping, etc.

Bodyweight Ladder WorkoutThe Easter egg theme was totally unintentional.  I think it’s my subconscious talking? #comeonspring

I know I’m making this the most random post ever, but I also wanted to share a fun appetizer recipe that is Whole30/Paleo approved! During the Whole30 challenge, Matt and I made it a point not to go out for dinner/drinks because…well, what’s the point?  If anything, the challenge certainly saved us a lot of money!  We did end up spontaneously having a few friends over one night and I was determined to whip up a few snacks that I could eat AND my guests would enjoy….also so I wasn’t a huge hostess-fail. These bacon wrapped dates are good any time, anywhere. Challenge or no challenge.  I mean, who doesn’t love bacon?

DSC02020Bacon Wrapped Dates

Cook bacon in a skillet until halfway done, then wrap around a date (pitted!) and secure with a toothpick. Bake at 350 until bacon is cooked through.  Frying the bacon before baking makes it a little crispier in the end.  I also only used about a half a piece of bacon per date, but it really depends on the ratio you prefer.


That’s all for today!  Make it a great one!

Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Hey there!  Today I’m linking up with Heather over at Housewife Glamour for another edition of Friday Favorites, but this time it’s the Workout Edition!  I decided I would share some of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted over the past 6 months or so.  After all of the cookies I’ve been posting about (and eating) lately…seriously, so many cookies… it’s probably time that I give you a few ways to burn them off! 🙂

Housewife Glamour

1. Cardio Ladder WorkoutA good way to keep your heart rate up, without a treadmill.

Cardio Ladder2. Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout3. Running/Strength Workout

Run4. Fab 5050 reps aren’t that much fun, but you only do it once for each exercise!

Fab 50 Workout

5. Burpee Bonanza! For real, so many burpees…

Burpee Ladder Workout6. 15 Minute Ab WorkoutI’ll usually add this to a cardio day.

15 Minute Abs7. Full Body Gym Workout

Full Body Workout8. Tabata- Upper Body/Core

Upper Body Tabata Workout9. Cardio RemixChanging up that cardio again!

Cardio Remix10. Legs/Lower Body WorkoutWho doesn’t want Carrie Underwood’s legs?!

Gorgeous Gams


Have a great weekend!

Burpee Bonanza & Green Protein Smoothie

Yesterday, my day started like it usually does- half awake at the gym.  I started out with 10 minutes of light intervals on the Stairmaster to get warmed up.  Then, I got to work on the ladder workout below.  Here’s how it works: Start out with 20 Burpees, 10 V-Situps, 20 Air Squats, and 10 Push-ups.  Then, 18 Burpees, 9 V-Situps, 18 Air Squats, and 9 Push-ups, and so on….basically the exercises that start with 20, you go down by 2 each time and the exercises that start with 10, you go down by 1.  I started out trying to do everything at 20 reps and down, but I quickly realized that, #1 I was going to run out of time before I needed to go home and get ready for work, and #2 I might not make it through the entire workout because my body wasn’t havin’ any of that.  I also realized early on that when you don’t do burpees for a while, your mind/body forget how hard they are; aka, your selective memory blocks them out of your mind, for obvious reasons.  I haven’t incorporated burpees into my workouts in a while because I’ve been trying to let my hamstring heal. It was starting to feel better, so I thought I would give this one a whirl.  Turns out, with this workout you end up doing 110 burpees!  Might have been a little aggressive, but I made it through…barely. You can always modify this by taking everything down to 10 reps and decrease by 1 each round.

Burpee Ladder Workout

After my workout, I made one of my breakfast staples- a Green Protein Smoothie.  I had always heard about putting greens like spinach and kale into smoothies, but never believed anyone when they said you can’t taste it. Lettuce in a smoothie? Yeah right…well, I was wrong.   I swear, you really can’t taste the spinach, and as long as it is blended thoroughly you won’t even notice it is there.  By adding spinach, you get the added bonus of the antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and other health benefits it provides.  The recipe is below, feel free to substitute whatever fruit or nut butter you prefer!


 There you have it!  A delicious green- er, grey- smoothie…I promise it tastes better than it looks.


Green Protein Smoothie

(makes 2 servings)


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2-1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1-2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 servings whey protein powder (I usually use chocolate, obvi)
  • 2-4 cups spinach (I don’t usually measure this, just fill the rest of the blender with spinach)


Blend together and enjoy!


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Lake Weekend & Back to School Ladder Workout

Following up on my last post, in case anyone is dying of curiosity ;), Matt was promoted at work, so that was the reason for the celebration!  I’m really excited for him, he is the most determined person I know, and his hard work is paying off!

This past weekend, Matt and I went to Table Rock Lake, near Branson, Missouri with his parents for a little getaway.  The lake is about four hours away from St. Louis, and although I’ve been to the Lake of the Ozarks more times than I can count, I’ve never made it to this lake so I was excited to see what it was all about.  I’ve heard that Table Rock much cleaner and more calm than Lake of the Ozarks…when there is a place called “Party Cove” things can get weird.  Maybe it means we are getting old, but we were looking forward to a nice, relaxing, Party Cove-free weekend. 🙂

We were a little skeptical because the day before we left because we heard on the news that Branson got 6 inches of rain.  Yep, that’s right, HALF a FOOT of rain, highways closed, the whole shebang.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love myself some sunshine and that rain is not good for the hair “poof”.  Lucky for us, the rivers decided to recede before we made the trek down there.  Friday was pretty cloudy so Matt and his dad spent the day golfing and I spent the day with his mom shopping at the outlet mall.  I mean, what else better to do on a rainy day?


DSC01119 We had a delicious dinner Friday night and then went to go see a Beatles tribute band.  Matt and his parents are huge fans of all things music, and what family vaca would be complete without a good serenade?


On Saturday, Mother Nature gave us a break, and we ended up having a great day boating and fishing.  And by fishing, I mean the guys fished and the girls read a book. 🙂




Today, it was back to reality.  And things for us are about to get REAL.  We have to take one of the busiest streets in St. Louis to even get to a highway, and when school is in session, it literally doubles our commute time to work.  Welp, that time is now and the kiddos will be going back to school this week. Goodbye summer, hello road rage.

On that note, I came up with a Back to School Countdown workout!  Do 10 reps of each move, then 9, then 8, and so on.  If you’re feeling extra motivated, repeat until you can’t anymore!

Back to School Ladder Workout

For all of you teachers out there (shout out to my mom!), enjoy these last couple days of summer while they last! 🙂

Most of the exercises are probably self explanatory, but here is a link to the Ball Jack Knifes, in case that one throws you for a loop.

Piloga Rookie

Last night, I decided to be adventurous and try a “Piloga” class at my local gym.  Piloga is supposed to be a combination of Pilates and Yoga, neither of which I have done before.  With all of the issues I have been having with my hamstrings, I decided I would like to try to get into yoga, and I thought the addition of Pilates would make for a challenging, yet low-impact, workout.  This particular class was a little slow for my liking and didn’t incorporate as much Pilates as I had hoped (a lot of breathing and self-reflection, which I think I am a little too high strung for)….let’s just say I’m not convinced, but I’m not totally opposed either!  I actually think a regular yoga/Pilates class would be very beneficial to my overall health, I think I just need to find the right class.  It might just be a little trial and error for now!

Although last night’s workout was a bit of a bust, I did, however, get a great workout in this morning!  I wanted to get some good cardio in, but without the usual running routine.  I started with a 10min warm up on the elliptical, and then got to work on the ladder workout below.   It ended up being a pretty good full-body routine, with more abs than I expected, and my heart rate was up the entire time.  After I was finished, I realized I ended up doing 210 situps!  Kettlebell swings also work the core….so I will probably be feeling that tomorrow. 🙂

Cardio Ladder