Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Hey there!  Today I’m linking up with Heather over at Housewife Glamour for another edition of Friday Favorites, but this time it’s the Workout Edition!  I decided I would share some of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted over the past 6 months or so.  After all of the cookies I’ve been posting about (and eating) lately…seriously, so many cookies… it’s probably time that I give you a few ways to burn them off! 🙂

Housewife Glamour

1. Cardio Ladder WorkoutA good way to keep your heart rate up, without a treadmill.

Cardio Ladder2. Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout3. Running/Strength Workout

Run4. Fab 5050 reps aren’t that much fun, but you only do it once for each exercise!

Fab 50 Workout

5. Burpee Bonanza! For real, so many burpees…

Burpee Ladder Workout6. 15 Minute Ab WorkoutI’ll usually add this to a cardio day.

15 Minute Abs7. Full Body Gym Workout

Full Body Workout8. Tabata- Upper Body/Core

Upper Body Tabata Workout9. Cardio RemixChanging up that cardio again!

Cardio Remix10. Legs/Lower Body WorkoutWho doesn’t want Carrie Underwood’s legs?!

Gorgeous Gams


Have a great weekend!

Piloga Rookie

Last night, I decided to be adventurous and try a “Piloga” class at my local gym.  Piloga is supposed to be a combination of Pilates and Yoga, neither of which I have done before.  With all of the issues I have been having with my hamstrings, I decided I would like to try to get into yoga, and I thought the addition of Pilates would make for a challenging, yet low-impact, workout.  This particular class was a little slow for my liking and didn’t incorporate as much Pilates as I had hoped (a lot of breathing and self-reflection, which I think I am a little too high strung for)….let’s just say I’m not convinced, but I’m not totally opposed either!  I actually think a regular yoga/Pilates class would be very beneficial to my overall health, I think I just need to find the right class.  It might just be a little trial and error for now!

Although last night’s workout was a bit of a bust, I did, however, get a great workout in this morning!  I wanted to get some good cardio in, but without the usual running routine.  I started with a 10min warm up on the elliptical, and then got to work on the ladder workout below.   It ended up being a pretty good full-body routine, with more abs than I expected, and my heart rate was up the entire time.  After I was finished, I realized I ended up doing 210 situps!  Kettlebell swings also work the core….so I will probably be feeling that tomorrow. 🙂

Cardio Ladder