Arms/Abs Circuit

Last spring, I over-did it a little in the running category, and ended up with a strained hamstring in my left leg.  NOT ideal for someone like me, who likes to get to the gym and get her sweat on at least 5 times a week.  Plus, it was around the time Rams tryouts were starting, so that added to the stress level even more!  I tried resisting doctor’s orders, but eventually gave in and started the process of nursing my leg back to health.  I couldn’t run for a couple of months, and had to stick to the bike and arms/abs exercises.  Let me tell you, that got old REALLY fast!  Eventually, I graduated to the elliptical, and then back to running.  Now, 1 year later, I found myself in almost the same situation, but this time, in my right leg!  Ohhhh the frustration!  Luckily this time around, I recognized the signs before it got too bad, took it easy for several weeks, and now feel like I am finally close to back to normal. 🙂  I wanted to share one of the workouts I did, while I was still trying to preserve as much of my legs as possible.  Enjoy!

Monday Workout


Here are the descriptions for a few of the not-so-common exercises.


Step 1: Lie on your back with arms over head.


Step 2: Using your core muscles, keep your legs straight and bring your hands towards your toes.


Up Down Planks

Step 1:  Start on your elbows in plank position


Step 2:  Push up, one hand at a time, until you are in straight arm plank position

DSC00850 DSC00851

Step 3: Return to starting position, one arm at a time

DSC00852 DSC00853

Mountain Climbers

Step 1:  Start in straight arm plank position

Step 2: Bring one knee in towards your chest, switch legs continuously until your time/reps are over

DSC00862 DSC00863

Sumo Squat to High Pull

(I usually use a kettlebell for this exercise, but since I didn’t have one handy, I used a dumbbell)

Step 1:  Start with your feet wider than your hips, toes turned out

Step 2: Squat and bring the weight up to chest level as you come up

  DSC00839 DSC00840

Plank Jumping Jacks

Step 1:  Start in plank position, feet close together

Step 2:  Jump both feet wide and then jump back to starting position

DSC00860 DSC00861

Squat with Front Arm Raise

Step 1:  Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart

Step 2:  As you squat, bring both arms in front of you to shoulder level

DSC00874 DSC00875

Plank Ball Roll-Outs

Step 1:  Start with your knees on the ground, elbows bent and forearms on the stability ball


Step 2:  Keeping your weight on your arms and abs pulled in tight, roll out until your body is in a straight line (or as close to it as possible)


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