AMRAP Workout

I found this little piece of (healthy) “thinspiration” and wanted to pass it along.  For those of you who are just starting out, or maybe have hit a plateau, DON’T STOP! It will be worth it in the end, I promise. 🙂

Keep GoingToday, I have a little bit of a different workout concept for you all.  AMRAP is a concept that is used in a CrossFit type workout.  The goal is to do As Many Rounds As Possible within the time allowed.  Get it? 😉 For this workout, use a 15 minute time limit and knock out as many rounds as you can.  If you are new to this concept, or to working out in general, start slow, then make a goal to complete 1/2-1 more round the next time and increase from there.

AMRAPI’m off to a mud run tomorrow. Five miles of obstacles, water and mud….wish me luck. 😉

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  1. AMRAP’s are no joke! Great workout! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck at your mud run! I’ve always wanted to do one. I’ve never done an AMRAP workout but I’m wanting to… Maybe I’ll give this one a go this weekend 🙂

  3. Awesome workout. Thanks for sharing! Good luck and have fun @ the race this weekend, Christa!

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