So Much Snoozing, So Little Time…

A trainer once told me…

10 Minutes

I think I need to reintroduce that mantra into my life.

Backing up to Wednesday morning…

5:15 – Alarm sounds. Immediate snooze. Pretty sure I didn’t even open my eyes.

5:25 – Alarm sounds. Alarm off. One eye open this time.

6:00 – Both eyes open…CRAP!

Fast forward 15 minutes and I’m at the gym, with 30 minutes to get in and get out. I hadn’t put together a workout in advance (whoops) and I wasn’t really in the mood to do a multi-circuit, detailed workout, so I warmed up for 10 minutes on the bike and then decided to combine some of my favorite exercises into one workout and just go-big-or-go-home for 20 minutes straight. Here’s what it looked like!

20 Minute AMRAP

Between the kettlebell swings and split box jumps, my inner thighs were pretty sore for a couple days afterwards so mission = accomplished!

(For those of you who aren’t familiar, for Split Box Jumps, instead of starting with the box in front of you, start with one foot on the floor on each side of the box then jump up onto the box so your feet meet in the middle.)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. I find this hilarious because lately I’ve had the same morning routine! I never use to have this problem with the snooze button in the past.

    P.S. I’m loving this workout for my upcoming travels! It’s the perfect routine for just about anywhere.

    • I know, same here! Not sure what my deal is…maybe it’s the weather. The last thing I want to do in the morning is hop out of my warm bed! I was proud of myself for actually getting up with the first alarm today though. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf? OR maybe a fluke… 😉

  2. I have been finding myself throwing together some of my fave moves for a 20- 30 minute AMRAP workout a lot lately! It’s been a nice change of pace! This one looks like it will not disappoint!

    • Yes! Sometimes it’s nice to just set the timer and not have to think too much about the workout, other than just getting through those 20-30 minutes!

  3. Oh my gosh, that workout looks like so much fun! Definitely need to save that one on my phone. Oh and I have an alarm on my Fitbit that vibrates to wake me up and then ten minutes later, my phone alarm goes off….waaaaayyyyy in the other room. It’s the only way to keep me from hitting the snooze button. haha!

    • Ooh, I need to look into a Fitbit! And I used to put my phone across the room and the alarm is so dang annoying it forced me to get out of bed. Then once I’m up, I’m up! I should probably revisit that strategy…. 😉

  4. Man if only I could jump!!! Urgh I WILL get over this injury!

    Today my workout will be moving an excessive number of boxes. Moving S-U-C-K-S

    • Yes, you WILL! And when you do, this workout will be waiting. 😉

      On the other hand, you’re probably getting an even better workout with moving, just not the fun kind of workout….

  5. Ahhh what a great workout for just throwing something together! Sometimes I feel completely lost if I don’t preplan my workout. I’ll just be on the treadmill wondering what to do next haha.

  6. Split box jumps are no joke. I can totally believe you were sore for a while afterwards.

    Hope you’re doing well, Christa

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