Stairmaster Interval Workout

Last night, Matt and I finally went and picked out our Christmas tree (I insist on getting a real one every year) and I have big Friday night plans that include decorating that sucker.  I’ll be sure to share pics when my masterpiece is finished. 😉  Other than that, I’m getting ready for a quick mini road trip with some of my college girlfriends to Kansas City for our annual “Kappa Christmas”.  We use the holidays as an excuse to get together, catch up, eat and of course, drink wine.  I’m looking forward to quality time with friends!

I wanted to pop in and give you all another non-treadmill cardio workout, in case you wanted to switch things up a little this weekend.  You wouldn’t think that 20 minutes of cardio would be much but I promise you, your legs will be burning by the end…heck, probably halfway through.  Feel free to adjust the speeds to meet your needs but the key here is intervals.  Slow down and speed up periodically…you’ll burn more fat and will get more out of your 20 minutes!

Stairmaster Intervals

Have you tried interval training?  Did you like it?

Christmas tree- Real or Fake?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s been so long since I’ve done cardio that I legitimately forgot about the stairmaster! Now that I’m back on it I definitely need to do this this weekend!

  2. Girl time is the best, especially when good food and wine are involved =) I used to use the stairmaster weekly when we lived in the States, however I havent seen one in any of the gyms here in Kuwait.

  3. Ahhhh I love intervals, especially on the stair master. It makes the death a little more bearable haha! We have such similar tastes in workouts, I always look forward to seeing yours!

  4. I use a running form of intervals for my training a lot, but I need to incorporate it into my circuits too! You definitely get a great workout! In my track segments of training I do 25×400 with 1 minute recovery! Its tough, but you feel so proud afterwards!

    I bet you have calves of steel after that stairmaster workout!

    • That sounds like a great (and yet awful) workout! 😉 I love those that leave you feeling exhausted but accomplished!

  5. Can’t wait to see your tree! Intervals are all I usually do on a cardio machine. I’m too ADD for anything else..

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