Treadmill Interval/Lunge Workout

This past Saturday Matt and I had a big day planned, full of lots of “homeowner duties”, aka pulling weeds, mowing the yard, etc., etc., etc….you get the idea. 🙂  I was up super early (for a Saturday) so I went to the gym to get a quick workout in before we started the day.  I wanted to do something quick, yet effective.  It was a cardio day for me, but I wasn’t in the mood to do my usual running/interval routine, especially after an entire week of workouts.  SO, the result of my impromptu workout is below!  I switched it up and after a warm up  did 3 minutes of lighter running intervals, followed by 2 minutes of walking lunges at a 12.0 incline.  I repeated that until I reached 30 minutes total.  Let me tell you what, my glutes and hamstrings were burning by the end, and it lasted throughout the rest of the day…pulling weeds probably didn’t help matters either!  I can’t lie, I contemplated quitting at the 20 minute mark, but I kept thinking to myself, if you are going to post this on your blog, you better finish it!  See, this blog is already doing a great job of holding me accountable! 🙂

Treadmill Lunge Workout

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